Why are our Prices so Low?

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Here at San Jose Tax Services we are committed to providing you the best income tax preparation services, at a very affordable price.

Like all experienced and well-known California income tax businesses, we:

    • Are bonded by a Surety Bond
    • Have taken hundreds of hours of tax courses to keep up-to-date with tax laws and the tax environment, which change every year
    • Are CTEC certified and registered to ensure the highest standard of tax preparation

      Our services are held to the highest standard. By offering our services as a professional and done the right time, we get most of our businesses through referrals from satisfied customers.  As a thank you to those who are active in our referrals, we offer 50% off for anyone who refers 3 new clients, and 100% off for anyone who refers 5 new clients.

      Before explaining why our prices are so low, lets see why other prices are so high.

      You have probably heard of the big brands such as H&R Block or Liberty Tax or Jackson Hewitt.

      We don’t have to pay any huge Franchise Fee or any royalty fee. These are huge cost burdens to local tax franchises and amounts to $25,000 or more.

      At Jackson Hewitt
      Franchise fee: $25,000
      Ongoing royalty fee: 15%
      Term of agreement: 10 years, renewable

      At Liberty Tax
      Franchise fee: $40,000
      Ongoing royalty fee: Varies
      Term of agreement: Perpetual, renewable

      We also do not have any franchise royalty fee to pay.

      At H&R Block, they owe a 30% franchise fee.

      As you can see, many of these franchise tax businesses are required to charge high prices just to pay for the rights to use their brand name. Their $100, $200 or even more are just money going to not the person who actually assist you do your taxes, but the man on the top floor of the building.

      We pass these savings onto our customers, and all we ask in return is a great review on yelp, tell a friend about us, and let us know how else we can improve our business.

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